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Unofficial Character Analysis of #InsecureHBO Cast

Unofficial Character Analysis of #InsecureHBO cast:

Molly: We seriously are all rooting for you. ALL. OF. US. Go on that trip to Morocco by yourself. Have fun. Check in with your therapist via phone. Go find you an Arab brother like Rihanna did. Grow all the way up, then write a self-help book on how to get your melanated life. Do a guest episode on Kelli’s podcast about self-care.

Daniel: BRUH… Issa is not nice at all. Stop. Saving. Her. Go record that R&B Album. Let Issa Dee be your muse, it could be Joe meets The Weekend and make you an international icon for bearded men who just want to love these heaux.

Kelli: Why don’t more people listen to you? You are literally getting your life, and checking people on their bullshit in every scene. How’s your podcast going? G’head and get a talk-show – everyone will watch.

Chad: Never met a nigga more on brand for narcissism. You literally are engaged and we’ve never seen your fiancé. What drives you beyond impressing your boys who ain’t even got they shit together – or is that it in a nutshell? You probably still in the DMs of whoever broke your heart in 8th grade. You a funny MF though.

Issa: (sigh) Why, Issa? You broke, tired, ‘bout to lose your job and your hotation found you right back at Daniel’s place with nut residue probably still on your blouse. Go home, visit your parents and recharge for a bit. You are literally just going through the motions, still fucked up over Lawrence. Meanwhile your man – that you said you wanted back – is literally in tears waiting for you at the apartment you almost burned down. Get your man, go to relationship counseling, learn how to express your wants and needs, get some skills on negotiation and compromise.

Lawrence: Nigga. You want your girl back so bad you waited in the empty apartment just to tell her you sorry she cheated on you. Three (four?) different women cursed you TF out about your fuckboi ways, and all Issa wanted you to do was to step up. How many different women have to give you the same message for you to work on your shit and grow? You can’t just be a tall, good-looking negro with no redeemable qualities beyond a college education. BTW, have you met Dro’s wife Candace – she cute as hell.

Tiffany: Sister, why are you so pressed to shame everyone around you? Marriage is hard, focus on the work of the relationship. Then, perhaps, you could help your girls find their way offering nuggets of wisdom beyond “I love giving head.”

Derek: Nigga, you so confused. You had bars for Lawrence at the bar, but now on some fuck shit you’re telling your mans to pee on Aparna’s leg. Meanwhile, Aparna’s been trying to level up Lawrence since day one. I get it, son, you got a baby on the way and you’re trying to figure out how you can possibly be a father when you not even grown yourself. Go home and have some real conversations with Tiffany about how pretentious y’all are for no reason.

Candace: You too cute for this shit. The only thing open about your marriage is how openly disrespectful your husband is about this shit. Book a trip to another country, get your groove back, and never come back.

Dro: I hate you. We all hate you. So, why are you on the show? Because we hate you. That’s how TV works. You so hateable we can’t look away.

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